Natural Language Processing Laboratory (NLPLab)

NLPLab is a virtual lab, born out of the idea that collaboration is easiest to do when there is some infrastructure, that software and resources need to be maintained and hosted after academic institutions “die”. We think that the easiest way to do this is to go virtual (we are not the first to mention a “virtual” lab, at least Tetsuya Sakai has pointed out that his “lab” is virtual since Microsoft Research Asia does not have labs). In short: We are a non-affiliation affiliation.

As-of-yet, we are trying to find our way and establish a purpose. Something along the lines of what Jason Eisner wrote for his 2012 ACL candidacy would be great as inspiration.


We currently have two servers where we host content:

Hosted Projects and Resources

Although the lab does not endorse specific projects, here are a few that are hosted on its infrastructure:

If you have an interesting NLP research project of your own that you are dedicated to and want to host it somewhere, do get in touch with us.


We have a GitHub page where you can display your membership (if you want to). For mail contact it is adviced to get in touch with Pontus Stenetorp for now (we really should have a mailing list).


  1. Get a mailing list
  2. Make this homepage less ugly
  3. Adopt a worthy mission
  4. Um…?
  5. Have a positive influence on the NLP community